Are you selling your 911?

We buy dozens of un-restored Porsche 911s per year that are suitable for restoration.

We are looking for:

  • Any air-cooled Porsche 911 from 1964 to 1998
  • We prefer original condition or complete cars that have not been modified
  • Numbers matching is important, but at a minimum the correct motor
  • Restoration project or running.

If your Porsche 911 doesn't meet the above criteria, we won't be able to buy it. Each of the inputs below is required for us to consider your vehicle:

Please tell us about the car

Tell us what you can about the car. Does it run? Any major components missing?

Attach pictures

Drop files here or click to upload.

Include pictures of the exterior, interior, underside, and engine bay.
(12 images maximum, 5 MB maximum size per image)


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