Whether you order a classic restoration or a full custom build, every Porsche 911 delivered from STRAAT begins with a full nut-and-bolt restoration. We document every step of the way, from the moment it enters our production facility to the day the new owner takes it home.





Our expert team of mechanics has been restoring and customizing vintage cars for over forty years. So, we know what to stay away from: hidden rust, a modified chassis, non-matching engines, serial ownership, and a poor maintenance history. We source the right candidate for your project, negotiate the right price and bill it directly to you. Then the fun begins.





In this stage, we completely disassemble the car down to its tub to ensure optimal quality in our refinishing process. Parts are sorted and stored in restoration cubbies designated for each car.

Any parts that cannot be restored will be replaced with factory-ordered parts or their equivalent. This part of the process also includes the disassembly of the window frames, corner windows and trim.




Engine & transmission

The power train, including the engine, transmission and clutch assemblies, is thoroughly overhauled to guarantee correct operation. All sheet metal is powder coated, and all hardware is zinc plated or treated according to correct factory standards. The engine receives a complete cosmetic restoration so that it looks like it did when it was first built.

We also fully disassemble, inspect, overhaul, reseal and restore the transmission. New Porsche factory foil decals are installed in the engine compartment, and all wiring and relay boards are removed and reconditioned.





First, we completely overhaul the front and rear suspension. Then, we powder-coat all hard components in correct colors, replacing all mountings, hardware, bearings, bushings, and shocks.

The restoration of the brake system includes the replacement of pads, rotors, seals, gaskets and wheel bearings, as well as the total refurbishment of the calipers. Finally, we remove, strip and refit the fuel tank and fuel neck using original finishes.




Body & paint

We strip the chassis and all body panels down to bare metal, so every inch of the car can be repaired to factory-new, or sometimes even better, condition. The belly pan is also stripped, undercoated and refinished in its proper color. All gaps are reset to allow for the best factory gaps and tolerances.

Before the exterior is refinished, we mask and reseal the car, which is covered with two coats of polyester primer and allowed to cure naturally for several days. Then we color-sand and buff the vehicle to ensure the best possible high-gloss paint finish.

We only use the highest quality paints on the body and panels, and add two anticorrosive coats for protection. The undercarriage and floors receive a urethane coating.

Finally, we replace the windshield with new, period-correct glass.




Front hood

The front hood compartment also receives our full attention. We refinish the body color so that it matches the exterior of the car exactly. Then, we clean and refurbish all the electrical connectors and wiring.

We replace all batteries, as well as the battery ground straps. The windshield wiper reservoir and washer pump are also renovated, as are the vapor collection hoses and fuel lines.

We make sure the mounting hardware is exchanged with new, factory-correct hardware. Finally, we recondition each relay board, fuse block and fuse cover.




Bright work & anodizing

This process involves the removal, repair and anodizing of trim pieces and moldings until they attain original, factory standards. At this time, we also replace the front and rear windshield moldings with new parts.





Expert craftsmen are entrusted with the interior, using faithful, period-correct leathers and fabrics. We install complete carpet kits in original materials. We replace all side panels, door panels, crank handles, and shift levers - and we restore the A and B pillars. All gauges receive a complete makeover, as do the stock seats.




Wheels & tires

All five wheels, hubcaps and tires are installed according to each client's preference.





It is the policy of STRAAT to ensure that only the highest quality parts and labor go into our restorations. Original factory parts are used whenever possible. If not, we use the best quality reproduction parts available. When no source is available, we restore the part ourselves or locate a used, original part in good condition. All labor is performed by our own staff in our 70,000 square foot production facility, no work is outsourced.




Final assembly

This stage includes the reassembly of the complete body, glasswork and interior of the car. It also includes the reassembly of the window frames and corner windows. All channel felts, seals and scrapers are replaced with factory-correct parts.

We refinish and rework all panels and gaps in lead to allow for the best possible gaps and tolerances. We also replace all body seals with original, factory-new seals.

The front and rear turn signal light assemblies are wholly reconditioned. Every emblem is replaced with a new, original version of itself. We use fresh doorsill plates and carpet.

The body hardware is restored and zinc plated, or replaced with factory-new parts.

Throughout the entire process all cars and parts are maintained in a climate-controlled warehouse. Once each car is finished, it is stored in a separate warehouse with optimal temperature and humidity levels. Our in-house mechanic monitors all vehicles to ensure they remain in show condition.





Once the restoration process is complete, our CEO test drives each 911 on a test track, inviting third-party judges along for the ride. We do not present our cars until their transmissions, suspensions and engines pass our in-depth mechanical and electrical tests.





Once our restored 911s are finished, we create an exhaustive photo and video portfolio for each vehicle, which is delivered to the new owner on a USB drive and hard-cover coffee-table book. Having already documented the restoration process, one final studio photo session completes the extensive history we collect for each car.





Every vehicle from STRAAT includes free delivery within the Continental U.S. by a professional, fully-insured transportation service. Customer service will coordinate delivery with the new owner to ensure full satisfaction upon receipt.






There's nothing like being behind the wheel of a classic Porsche 911 - especially one that has been fully restored and built for you. Ready to take the next step?

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