What types of Porsches do you sell?

We specialize in restorations and customizations based on classic Porsche 911's from the air-cooled era. We focus primarily on collectible models from the 1970's and 1980's, as well as select 964's and 993's.

How can I buy a Porsche 911 from you?

Whether you’re looking for something classic or custom, there’s more than one way arrive at your destination. Check out our ways to buy page for more more information.

What is the restoration process like?

We follow the same strict restoration process for every Porsche 911 that we sell, regardless of the vehicle’s condition. Check out our restoration process page for more information.

How long does it take to restore and customize a Porsche 911?

The process takes approximately 12 months from order to delivery, based on current production capacity. Once you submit an order through our website, your sales rep will advise on the exact availability of production slots. Certain models and those with extensive customizations could take longer. On average, well over a 1,000 labor hours go into the restoration process.

How do you select your restoration / customization candidates?

We look for 911's with limited production numbers and desirable color combinations - and if possible - both. Our team has been restoring vintage cars for over forty years, so we know what to stay away from: hidden rust, modified chassis, incorrect engines, serial ownership, and poor maintenance history. Donors for our builds must be running and driving cars with no serious accidents or rust damage. Only the best candidates are accepted.

Our decision to buy a Porsche is the result of an extensive vetting process that involves numerous dealers, restorers, and auctioneers. Over the years, we have established a close relationship with marque experts, which gives us access to a wide array of vehicles at competitive prices.

Do you sell used or non-restored Porsche 911's?

We do not. We only sell fully-restored Porsche 911's.

Can you help me find a specific model?

Yes! We can find just about anything. It may take some time, but we’ll track it down. Give us a call.

Can you restore my Porsche 911?

Yes! Contact us - we’d love to hear about your 911. If we determine that your Porsche is a viable candidate for restoration, we’ll have you ship it to our HQ in Miami, Florida. Your vehicle will return 9 to 12 months later in "like new" condition. Throughout the restoration process, you will receive monthly updates with photos showing your vehicle’s progress.

Will I save some money by sending you my own vehicle?

Most of the customers that send us their Porsche do so because they have a unique model or a strong emotional attachment to it. However, the restoration and shipping costs will largely be the same as ordering a car from our website. For a more detailed estimate of your restoration, contact us.

Do you restore other Porsche models?

Not at this time. We specialize in restorations and customizations based on classic Porsche 911's from the air-cooled era (1964-1998).

Do you sell parts?

We do not sell parts. However, we do source parts for customers that have purchased their vehicles from us.

Do you source non-U.S. spec vehicles?

Yes, we source vehicles from all over the world.

How do I know if STRAAT restored a Porsche 911 I saw online?

The best way to ensure that you’re buying an authentic STRAAT restoration or customization is to purchase a 911 through our website or to contact us. However, if you see a Porsche 911 on eBay, Craigslist or another website that says it was restored or customized by STRAAT, send us an email with the VIN and a link to where it’s being advertised. We have records of every vehicle we’ve restored, and we’d be happy to check on a particular 911 for you.




Can you ship the car to my country?

Yes, we've shipped our 911's all over the world.

How much does a custom 911 from STRAAT cost?

Prices start at US $170,000* and will increase for highly customized or rare models. The prices generated by our online customizer include the any parts needed for the restoration, labor, and shipping within the Continental U.S. If you would like your Porsche 911 shipped internationally, additional transport and customs fees apply.

*Does not include cost of donor. Pricing subject to change at any time.

What are your payment terms?

For our custom 911's, as ordered from the website, we typically divide payment into three installments. Your first payment is due when you sign your contract, the second payment is due before we begin bodywork and paint, and a third payment is due upon final inspection - prior to shipping. Your vehicle will be available for inspection at our showroom in Miami, Florida or by video call.  




Where are you located?

Our showroom in Miami, Florida. We welcome visits by appointment only. Learn more about us.

90 NW 72 St #102
Miami, FL 33150
Main Line: (305) 907-7642

How many people are on your team?

Our growing team consists of 20+ dedicated employees.

Can I visit your showroom?

Yes. Please contact us to make an appointment at our showroom in Miami, Florida.