Straat RSR 3.8

This fantastic build is our interpretation of our client’s dream of an RSR evocation. The idea was conceived while Nelson and our client, a seasoned collector, were running the fun Targa California road rally a couple of years ago. Inspired by the “spirited” cornering and driving of that event, his vision became clear: wide body, long-nose; lots of power, and more than enough brakes and suspension to match.

With that mandate, we selected an extremely clean 1973 911T as a donor and began to strip and prepare the body for the reconstruction. During the build we decided to go with an even stronger engine configuration: we commissioned a 993 based 3,8 liter MOTEC EFI engine with Patrick Motorsports in Arizona. To go with the close to 400 HP configuration, we selected a matching Porsche 915 re-geared transmission, 964 Turbo Brakes, and KW adjustable suspension. Among other features are HEIGO roll cage, electric A/C, retrofitted stereo by ……  Panasport wheels, Michelin sticky tires, 9eleven headlights, RSR Porsche plastic gas tank, Recaro Specialist Seats and more!

This Straat RSR is fun and fast weighing a little over 1,100 kg. Created as a unique blend of the original RSR shapes with some modern components, this Straat RSR is finished to our highest standards and with our distinctive touches in some of our custom builds.


  • 993 3.8 liter engine by Patrick Motorsports
  • HEIGO roll cage
  • Minilite wheels
  • CIBIE fog lights
  • 9Eleven headlights
  • Recaro Specialist Seats
  • RSR style front and rear ajustable sway bars
  • 100 liter RSR hood center fill fuel tank

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