We source, restore and collect some of the world’s best Porsche 911's

Some cars are built by engineers. Others are built by racers. Porsches are built by both. The structure of the Porsche 911, born in 1964, is designed to both cradle the car’s engine and enhance its dynamics.  From the signature tail dip to the height of the steering wheel, the 911’s form and function create a peerless interface between the car’s technical prowess, the driver and his road. 

We’ve driven countless cars in just as many races, so we know only decades’ worth of track time could have resulted in the perfectly engineered Porsche 911. We also happen to love its unpretentious style.  

As collectors, the lack of top-quality classic Porsche 911s in the market frustrated us. But, as seasoned restorers, the same situation thrilled us. We knew we had the experience needed to cherry-pick and fine-tune cars that would accrue in value without becoming trailer queens, too expensive to drive.  


Our team has one goal in mind:  To be the premier Porsche 911 restoration shop in the world.


At STRAAT, we give you a set price and delivery date - and in many cases, you can place your entire order online. Here's how it works:


Finished Restoation

Once we receive your request for a build or restoration, we'll go over all the details with you, make any recommendations, and lock in your price and delivery date.


Inventory Restoration

Once we begin work on your project, you will receive regular updates from us - including photos detailing your car's progress, and next steps.

Test & Deliver

Contract Restoration

Once your porsche restoration is complete, we perform a final inspection, and the vehicle is stored in our temperature-controlled facility until it’s ready for delivery.




STRAAT is fueled by the joy of driving a pristine classic Porsche. Because we are humbled by our raw material, the 911, we are constantly inspired to improve upon our finished product. We are dedicated car aficionados, deeply convinced that nothing less than a perfect restoration can pay homage to the iconic Porsche 911.

Our specialized team has a single goal:

To be the premier Porsche 911 restoration shop in the world.

About us

Own the Porsche 911 of your dreams

We founded STRAAT out of a passion for vintage Porsches, but also because we wanted to share the joy of driving a perfectly restored classic 911.

Our job is to get you behind the wheel of your dream Porsche 911. Please contact us to learn more.